Patio Doors

Patio doors are basically sliding doors most commonly used to slide out into the garden. They can range from 2-4 panels, Less frame area (and more window area) than French and Bi-fold doors.

Patio doors are a long-term affordable upgrade that connects your home with your garden, balcony or conservatory. Patio doors glide open smoothly, one-behind-the-other on a track which help you save space. It’s a popular alternative to bi-fold doors.

They are available in uPVC or Aluminium, sliding patio doors are double-glazed and come with a Yale 3 star cylinder lock as standard. Patio doors are practical yet extremely stylish and with a wide range of colours and decorative glass to choose from, you are guaranteed a perfect finish.

Key benefits:

  • Larger window area for the best view in the house
  • Save on energy with the natural hear of the sun
  • More room to manoeuvre furniture as doors slide one behind the other


Our uPVC patio doors are fully made to measure and in any colour you like. They are a natural choice in terms of Energy efficiency and come with a 10 year guarantee.


Aluminium patio doors have slimmer sightline frames and a contemporary look and feel. Our aluminium patio doors will let in plenty of natural light which still offering an energy efficient solution.

The main distinction between French doors and Patio doors is how they open. French doors are hinged and usually open outwards whereas a Patio door slides along a track.

Patio doors allow more space as they do not swing whereas you need to allow space inside and outside of French doors.

Sliding patio doors are great space savers as one door slides behind another fixed door within the frame.

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