Aluminium Conservatories

With Ultra-thin frames that allow maximum natural light, having a conservatory is enjoyable all year round. Even in not so good weather conditions, there is minimal maintenance and no rotting or rusting. At SGG, we ensure that you get a hassle-free experience when it comes to your conservatory.

Excellent Design – Long term Performance

At SGG Solutions, we manufacture and supply Aluminium Conservatories with locally sourced materials. It’s a bespoke product that offers different styles, looks sleek and is functionally sound. 

SGG Solutions offers an engineered solution providing bespoke conservatories and roofs for high-value orangeries, internal pelmets, atriums, conservatories and home extensions.

Aluminium is versatile yet requires minimal maintenance making them perfect for both residential/domestic and commercial uses. It’s versatility goes beyond into other elements such as casement windows, Bi-Fold doors, glazed walls and more.

Energy Efficiency of Aluminium Conservatories

Thanks to high insulated profiles and durable powder-coated finished, our conservatories are also double glazed ensuring you get use of your conservatory all year round without having much to do to keep it spick and span.

Furthermore, they can be enhanced internally with heating & Ventilation or even a good selection of blinds.

Some popular features of Aluminium conservatories include:

  • Bespoke sizing and design with extensive choice of colours.
  • Contemporary or traditional styles with different glazing bar style options
  • High-performance glass in double glazing with optional self-cleaning features.
  • High-security with multi-point locking systems across doors and windows.
  • Excellent weather performance and energy efficiency.

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