French Doors

French doors are designed to give you a nostalgic experience through double doors that are traditional yet contemporary. It easy to open, saves space and give the extra chic look to your home.

French doors create an easy transition from the home into the garden. As it opens outwards, you are able to fuully utilise the space indoors. These doors offer great versatility as you can either open both doors wide and lock them in place with a cabin hook (to prevent them from slamming) or you can lock even just one door.

uPVC French Doors

This is one of the most energy efficient solutions. French uPVC doors are available in the widest range of colours and is fully practical and secure. uPVC is a mo fuss solution providing you with high performance, ability to never rot, rust or flake and you can get them in the most stunning colours.

Aluminium French Doors

SGG Solutions’ aluminium French doors are robust and offer very low maintenance. They are sleek and are designed to be energy efficient and secure.

Aluminium French offers

  • Contemporary finish
  • Maintenance Free
  • Strong and easy to maintain
  • Minimal frame to allow in maximum light.

No. French doors are covered under permitted development rights.

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