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Front & Back doors are supposed to be a show-piece so naturally, they are aesthetically stunning. You have a wide variety of materials, colours and styles to go for so you really have a lot of options. They are also secure, maintenance-free and Long lasting.

SGG Solutions’ entrance doors come in a choice of composite, uPVC, and aluminium. Give your home an outstanding new look with Contemporary, Traditional and Cottage fronts as well as back doors designed to suit the needs of every property.

Variety in options

We offer a variety in terms of colours, materials, handles and accessories. You can go as far as choosing decorative glass doors handcrafted by artisans and beyond. The sky is the limit when you want to choose any type of design. 

Security comes as standard with all our front doors, including a multi-point locking system and 3 star rated cylinder, offering the ultimate in locking protection.

FREE Estimates for you Entrance doors

You’d want to have entrance that compliment the property rather than a fancy design that doesn’t match the look of the property in any way. Our consultants are here to help you make the best decision for your entrance doors that will last you a long time without a lot of maintenance.

Our consultant will guide you through all the options available, take measurements to ensure the perfect fit and leave you with a free no obligation quote.

There is no way to give you an ball-park figure because of the amount of variety you get. However, we can give you guidance in terms of the different brackets of price on order of cheapest to most expensive. It starts off as uPVC being the cheapest, followed by composite, aluminium and then wood.

Our consultant will talk through the cost of your entrance door over a call or a home visit. Feel free to call us today.

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As we offer bespoke solutions for your windows, we understand that you’ll be looking to get a quick ball-park figure. Fill in the Quote from or send us your pictures via whatsapp now and we’ll get back to you within the same day (if not the next morning). We also require you to send us photos of your outdoor facing windows to get you a more accurate estimate.