uPVC Conservatories

uPVC Conservatories are the go-to solution as they are build to last, fully bespoke to tailor to your needs, extremely energy efficient, available in many colours and best of all, hassle-free.

At SGG Solutions, we’ll create your perfect, bespoke uPVC conservatory that’s durable and requires low maintenance. Pick your favourite style, colour and finish, add a glass or solid roof, then we’ll build it to your precise specifications.

Upgrading your current conservatory

If you simply want to upgrade your existing conservatory with a new polycarbonate, glass or solid roof, we can do that too. Our consultant will need to look at what you have and prepare a plan around how you want your conservatory to be upgraded with all the details down to a tee.

Here are some things to know about our uPVC Conservatories:

  • We manufacture all our uPVC frames and doors in our UK factory using top-grade materials.
  • Each conservatory is individually designed and constructed from colour-fast, impact resistant uPVC, so it looks great and will continue to do so for many years to come.
  • We provide material guarantees of our frames for 10 years and Ultra gas-filled sealed units for 15 years. We use energy-efficient glass and install high-grade security systems – so rest assured you wont have to worry about your conservatory for a very long time.

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