Aluminium Windows

Aluminium has always been the choice for contemporary styles in places which forge a luxury high-end look. With the slimmest frames and modern colour ranges, and best of all minimal maintenance required, there is now way you could pass on Aluminium frames.

Slimmest Frames = More Light

Aluminium windows are typically made with the slimmest frames in order to allow buckets of light to flood into your home. It also happens to be a very strong and durable solution offering the practicality you need as well as the elegant looks.

Simply Green Glazing Solutions offer perfect unique and contemporary frames in an array of colours you like. Aluminium windows are also extremely secure providing a practical and sophisticated style with a modern look!

High-Performing & Energy Efficient

Our Double glazed aluminium windows & doors offers light and modern materials which achieves a contemporary style for properties of any age.

The windows are made with strong polyester powder-coated frames which allow them to last longer and stay protected from corrosion. It also had no negative impact when it comes to double glazing ensuring that heat is kept in the home during the winter and heat kept out during good weather.

Bespoke Solution for your home

With a wide selected range of colours, we can set the windows in any way you choose. We also offer selections of decorative glass, fixtures and glazing options and with the help of our experts, you can be rest assured that SGG Solutions can offer you a truly bespoke service.

Each aluminium window is individually product with colours, configuration and glass of your choosing.

  • Powder-coated for extra durability
  • Choose from a wide range of colours
  • Energy efficient, helping reduce your heating bills
  • Secured with shoot-bolt locks, key locking handles and toughened glass.
  • Minimal maintenance, sleek and modern

Good question. However, unfortunately not. You can get them in pre-selected colours but when it comes to painting, our aluminium windows are power coated creating a very resilient finish that will last a very long time. You wouldn’t want to spoil that.

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